About Us

A wonderful Coffee company, that combines great coffee and good vibes

We don't just make your coffee. We make your day.

The True Coffee journey from bean to cup started back in early 1998. It was an effort to serve a truly international experience right into your neighbourhood. Ever since we’ve grown to be a group of passionate people who not just want you to enjoy your coffee but have a great time with us.

We grew to become the favorite place for coffee lovers of all age groups wanting to spend some quality time while sipping on the coffee we serve.

We Serve One of the Best Coffee!

Many of our coffees are Rainforest Alliance and Organically certified. Those that aren’t have been selected from independent farms so we can support the growers directly. The proceeds from some of our coffees go towards some fantastic community projects in the growing areas of Africa, Central and southern America.

Improving the quality of people’s lives is what matters to us. Whether it be helping a business owner succeed, improving the satisfaction of a customer or giving opportunities to young people in our industry.

True Coffee is an international retailer of coffee and coffee making equipment, operating in Europe under a variety of names in different local markets. We focus on an extraordinary sales experience and high-quality production.

We are conscious of our environmental impact and work with environmentally conscious organisations where possible. We embrace compostable materials in our products such as our compostable coffee packaging, and takeaway cups.



Our average customer rating is 4.8 / 5
Love getting our coffee from here! We buy in bulk every month and have our favourites but also try to pick a new coffee bean each month
Lisa Fuller
I love buying my coffee from the True Coffee shop. Such good quality and amazing service and delivery. Very happy each time and the coffee is amazing!
Amy Williams

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